Smart Mental and Ultrarunning Coaching for Real World Athletes


Are a passionate trail runner that wants to move on to ultramarathons, but are wondering how to train in a lasting, sustainable way.

Have finally registered for that iconic ultra trail race you’ve been dreaming about and are looking for professional support, so that you can make structured progress, both physically and mentally, within the time you have available.

Have already finished some ultramarathons and want to become mentally stronger.

Are an active professional for whom long-distance running is a healthy escape, and you are looking for a new balance between life and work.

As a runner, trail runner or ultra trail runner, you’re looking for a coach that can get you to the next level when it comes to fitness and power as well as mental strength.

Your integrative personal coach

Sweet Spot Performance offers integrative personal coaching that allows you to train in an efficient and lasting way. As a result, you’ll have everything it takes to be able to finish a challenging ultra trail or get a strong result in an ultra running race.

With Sweet Spot Performance, Erik draws on his combined experience as an ultra trail runner, endurance trainer and mental coach to offer answers to the growing need for durable, integrated and individual coaching and support of runners that want to push their physical and mental limits.

Based on your specific individual needs, desires and targets, we’ll create a personalized training plan; including, but not limited to:

- Running plan

- Power training

- Ultra mindset – mental coaching for ultra runners

- Race strategy

- Gear choice

- Nutrition

- Sleep & recovery 

Because every athlete and every race is different.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them " -Walt Disney



Start to ultra trail

Ultra running for beginners. Do you want to prepare for a longer trail of 50 or 80 kilometers, but don’t know where to begin?


Ultratrail performance

For ultra runners with ambition. Are you looking for a personal training plan and tips on how to combine your ultra training with your work and family?


Individual online ocaching voor ultrarunners en trailrunners

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